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BRIDGE2THINK AG is a global organizational learning solutions group based in Switzerland, with operations and partner networks worldwide. Led by a team of highly experienced international learning solutions professionals, BRIDGE2THINK knows that leaders, managers and individual contributors in an organization need fast and convenient access to quality business information and learning content that has immediate relevance to their jobs and to the strategic imperatives of their businesses.

To address these needs, BRIDGE2THINK offers a unique range of internet based and mobile learning applications featuring global articles, business cases, podcasts and videocasts from some of the world’s most trusted sources. BRIDGE2THINK augments these offerings with consulting, customization and facilitation services to maximize the business impact of these applications.

Founded in 2002, BRIDGE2THINK’s impressive client list includes top global commercial enterprises from a variety of vertical market sectors, as well as government and institutional markets.

Ensure that you can row against the current!
Learning is essential for everyone, it is something that is independent of age or position. With people under increasing time pressure we asked ourselves how we could help them to find pertinent knowledge both quickly and effectively. We built our knowledge portal to address this pressing need and it is already being used by numerous and renowned organisations across the globe to support their learning and development initiatives. Within seconds users are able to extract the knowledge that they require and are most relevant to them. To ensure that you can row against the current and never drift backwards, sign up for our newsletter.

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