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Self-directed and collaborative learning is the future and, with improved access to learning content, combined with the ability to learn at anytime and anywhere, it is our mission to give you the tools you need to quickly and seamlessly obtain relevant, timely and accurate knowledge. Time pressure is today’s corporate problem, increased demands and an ‘always on culture’ means that more is expected from workers. Our primary focus is to save precious time for our users, wherever and whenever we can. An integral part of this strategy is to bring knowledge directly to you, instead of letting you search for it. To achieve this, we have built a set of tools and services, which will make BRIDGE2KNOW an essential part of your learning experience.

The BRIDGE2KNOW Learning-Hub

The centralised and personalised learning hub. Built on top of a powerful search engine, it conveniently unifies all your content in one platform with a consistent look and feel. BRIDGE2KNOW gives the user the full power to facilitate their learning experience and delivers tailored content based on personal preferences.

• Powerful content aggregation and curation tools
• Personal and guided learning paths
• Assessment-Editor
• Personalised Widget Dashboard
• Flexible content management system
• Native mobile application

Leadership Content Database

Our content database consists of over 40.000 pieces of content from over 1.000 trusted sources in 5 languages.

• Quality Assessed
• Up-To-Date
• Over 100 Business-Related Topics
• Curated Seminars (Management Essentials, Global Perspective, Digital Revolution)
• Monthly editorial with topic of the month

Research as a Service

Benefit from the years of experience of our Editorial team and let us find the content you need. Simply tell us what you need and how much, and we will conveniently deliver the content in a ready-to-use package.

• Turn around times within 48h
• Delivered to the Core-System or in the format you need
• English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

Ensure that you can row against the current!
Learning is essential for everyone, it is something that is independent of age or position. With people under increasing time pressure we asked ourselves how we could help them to find pertinent knowledge both quickly and effectively. We built our knowledge portal to address this pressing need and it is already being used by numerous and renowned organisations across the globe to support their learning and development initiatives. Within seconds users are able to extract the knowledge that they require and are most relevant to them. To ensure that you can row against the current and never drift backwards, sign up for our newsletter.
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