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Sourcing relevant, pertinent and high quality content is time consuming and difficult. Search engines will often produce results that aren’t targeted or appropriate and, evaluating numerous sources can be a huge time-waster as well as a turn-off to learning. Our team work hard to curate and gather the right content to aid learning. Sorting through large amounts of information, sources and available content means the best in-class content is organised for the benefit of our users. It also means that a range of sources are pulled together and organised in a central hub, taking the pressure off users to locate their own learning content and manage it. A huge benefit is that sources are also verified and checked meaning they are trusted and vetted before being selected. Any learning content is therefore up to date, meaningful, quality assured, on topic and approved by experts. This bespoke filtering service saves valuable time and removes the difficulty of sifting through content types and sources. It also means that learners can spend time learning rather than finding the right learning tools. This in turn boosts productivity, time to learn and competency levels.

Our Quality Criteria

Content for BRIDGE2KNOW is selected with reference to a rigorous set of quality controls. Each individual piece is evaluated by our team of highly-skilled in-house editorial experts to ensure our content is relevant, up to date, accurate and importantly, comes from a reliable source.

A key part of the assessment is that all content not only reaches quality standards but also meets the objectives of supporting and educating users and, fits with the needs of the target audience as well as meeting and going beyond their expectations.

This is achieved by rating each piece of content with a grading from basic to excellent and outstanding. It is also crucial that users are able to find the right content, quickly and easily. Our editorial process includes tagging our content with keywords and metadata to ensure it appears under relevant search listings.

Global Perspective

Doing business across geographically spread locations, languages and time zones can be challenging and it’s easy to slip up and make mistakes. BRIDGE2KNOW’s Global Perspective works on your behalf to equip you with the knowledge to deal with Asian, Pacific, European and American cultures and ways of doing business. Helping you to negotiate with foreign markets and lead a truly global business, the Global Perspective helps you to adjust to local nuances and understand the cultural intricacies of the places you do business in and with. It will also help you to appreciate the subtle differences between those countries that place different values on politeness, the importance of hierarchy and title, the significance of contracts and the value attached to historical relationships.

Our team of editors and researchers work tirelessly to ensure the content addresses all these areas to ensure that you can optimise your overseas business relations, work towards creating better global partnerships and mitigate the negative consequences of a cultural slip up.

Management Essentials

To smooth the path to management success the Management Essentials toolkit offers ten subjects, each containing an introduction, articles, videos and podcasts designed to cover the important aspects and learning steps for those that are newly promoted or taking on a position of responsibility for the first time, as well as for those that need to freshen up existing skills and learn new ones.

The range of available content from video to articles ensures that there is something for everyone. Content is also varied to include bite-size guides, short video clips, more in-depth briefings and articles. This mixture of content allows users to control and select what suits them, to fit their preferred learnings styles and time scales. Keeping everything up to date, our editors and researchers gather together the latest management thinking so that new managers can benefit from a toolkit that lays a solid foundation for management success.



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