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The heart of the BRIDGE2KNOW service suite is the Learning Hub. Version 7 is the cumulation of 13 years’ of experience of providing first class learning to customers all over the world. The central paradigm of BRIDGE2KNOW is self-guided and personalised learning based upon the fact that much of today’s learning happens through on-the-job experience and a knowledge exchange with colleagues and peers. Whether you want to tap into the wealth of information on the web, or if you wish to create your own content within the platform, our Software-as-a-Service platform will give you the right tools to do your job. With years of expertise in curating and consolidating content, BRIDGE2KNOW is your ‘one stop shop’ for all the information and learning tools you require.

All your content – in one place

The next level of content consolidation

Learning should be focused, relevant and timely and with so many time pressures already resting upon today’s workforce, it is important that learning content is found quickly and easily. Wasting time looking at the wrong websites or learning portals is frustrating and a drain on productivity and, for many learners the content is spread over several sources, many are not even aware that they could be accessing learning content even from within their own organisations.

BRIDGE2KNOW is designed to filter the right content to the learner in one place so your users can learn and stop searching. With the aid of our unique content consolidation tools the learner benefits from continuously updated content that can be accessed in a central place. Single-sign on removes barriers to entry and lets the learner start their learning easily.

Content Management

CMS and Assessment Creation

Branding the content to fit your company’s look, feel and style is an important part of personalising it. BRIDGE2KNOW’s content management system (CMS) enables clients to do just that and present it as they would like it to be. The CMS is flexible and user friendly and provides the opportunity to create everything from simple feedback forms to complicated evaluated assessments with our Form Editor tool.

We realise that every business has its own, unique learning and training requirements and to support this we have developed the blended learning and competency module which allows you to include your internal training and core competency requirements. This ensures that the portal is entirely built to fulfil your learning objectives and importantly to deliver upon key competency standards, ensuring that your workforce get targeted learning support and meet their key performance indicators.

Personalised to you

Learning is a personal journey. BRIDGE2KNOW offers a service that recognises this, our unique tools offer a truly tailored and personalised learning experience in which the user is in control and can select their preferences and preferred learning styles. From the opportunity to change the interface, so choices are selected to filter content that reflects the learning formats that suit them; to the topics and subjects that they are most interested in learning about – there is flexibility and choice for everyone. The widget dashboard means that all our users are kept up to date too.

To help direct our learners to the best sources of content that will help them meet their learning objectives we continuously assess their learning journey and monitor their behaviour to help us generate targeted recommendations, so that they don’t need to spend their time looking for deeper content or further learning tools. We also appreciate that learning can happen anywhere and at any time and is often done on the move or between meetings, so with this in mind we have built a targeted learning offering that can be accessed via the portal, an email alert or a mobile app. This ensures that all of our users not only get the learning that is right for them but that they are directed towards learning that will enhance their development and, through our varied delivery channels we make sure that no-one misses out as well as enabling learning to happen at the user’s convenience.

Unique Look & Feel

Changing the style, layout and design of the learning environment is a crucial part in utilising your business’s unique branding to offer a learning platform that learners can feel comfortable with. Our learning solution enables you to set your own look and feel by customising the design, colours and layout as well as specifying module content. We deliver a fully integrated and ready-made learning solution which makes branding very easy and means you don’t have to invest in infrastructure or technology from scratch.

The nature of a customisable homepage instils BRIDGE2KNOW’s values by allowing customers to personalise their learning platform. To ensure a smooth process, a user-friendly interface is supplied which is flexible and fun to use. Modification tools allows our users to adapt the front-end design to match and mirror the look and feel of your company’s design and brand. The learning solution is designed by you, to ensure learning happens, is integrated as part of the wider organisation and is not seen to occur as a stand-alone product.



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